Create a MWDOC Rebate Account

You'll need the following items to complete your application:

- Water Bill dated within the last 3 months

- Site Plan (see Site Plan Guidelines here)

- Pictures, 5 or more, of your project area (in color & cannot be from Google Street View)


Please ensure you have read and understand our program terms and conditions before applying:

Turf Replacement:

 *Artificial Turf is not eligible for the Turf Replacement rebate.


 *You must use products from the Eligible Products List to qualify for the Spray-to-Drip rebate.

The Turf Replacement Program and Spray-to-Drip program require separate applications. You can link your program applications by clicking the "Add Drip" or "Add Turf" button after submitting your first application. For commercial applicants, you can also start a new application by selecting the Site Water Provider again after submitting your first application. Any property with 4 units or less should apply under the residential program. Any properties with 5 units or more qualify under the commercial program.

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