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This portal is provided as a tool to help you apply for, track, and review your Turf Replacement and/or Spray-to-Drip program rebates.Any property with 4 units or less should apply under the residential program. Any properties with 5 units or more qualify under the commercial program.

The Turf Replacement Program and Spray-to-Drip program require separate applications. You can link your program applications by clicking the "Add Drip" or "Add Turf" button. For commercial applicans, you can also start a new application by selecting the Site Water Provider again after submitting your first application.


Please ensure you have read and understand our program terms and conditions before applying:

Turf Replacement:

 *Artificial Turf is not eligible for the Turf Replacement rebate.


 *You must use products from the Eligible Products List to qualify for the Spray-to-Drip rebate.


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